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Assalamualaikum WBT..

Sebelum aku post first entry untuk blog Kisah-Kisah Sahabat ni,aku nak mintak maaf atas kelewatan memulakan post untuk blog ni.Ini kerana kelemahan dan kekurangan aku untuk bersemangat meng'update' blog.Harap dimaafkan.Jadi untuk entry yang pertame ni,sebelum kite masuk crite pasal kisah-kisah Sahabat R.Anhum,entry pertame ni aku ceritakan pasal kemuliaan dan keberuntungan umat ini yg digambarkan didalam Al-Quran dan Hadith.

Perkara yang sangat menyedihkan bila umat ini dikurniakan begitu banyak kemuliaan dan diangkat oleh Allah setinggi-tingginya berbanding umat lain,tetapi kemuliaan itu tidak dihargai dan dirasainye.Kite rasekan kita mulia bile kite ni dari keturunan diraja,dari keturunan orang kaye,bile ade kerja besar-besar,bile ade lulusan tinggi-tinggi.Tapi LANGSUNG tidak ade dalam hati kite yang kite ni beruntung dan mulia sebab jadi umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.Sebab itu dalam kebanyakan urusan kehidupan kita banyak utamakan urusan-urusan keduniaan kite berbanding dengan urusan agama,dan SANGAT JELAS yang kite lebih senang dengan kehidupan ber 'aruskan zaman' kononnya berbanding dengan mengikuti kehidupan Nabi SAW dan sahabat-sahabatnya.Ini termasuklah diri aku sendiri.Kita akuilah kelemahan diri,dan bukan sekadar akui
tetapi berusahalah sedikit demi sedikit,selangkah demi selangkah,seinci demi seinci untuk mengikuti kehidupan mereka.Mereka inilah insan-insan yang Allah SWT sangat redha dan gembira dengan mereka.Adakah jejak mereka takkan kita ikuti??Hairan.......
Inilah kemuliaan yg diberikan kepada umat ini dan perintah untuk mengikut jejak Rasulullah & Sahabat R.Anhum. (mengenai post dibawah)
*Sori coz in English.Aku amik direct dari original kitab.

In the Quran,Allah SWT said that :

"Thus (just as Allah SWT has guided the Muslims to the straight path) We have made you (the Ummah of Rasulullaah SAW) such a group that is moderate in nature (free from excesses and shortcomings) so that you may be witnesses (on the Day of Qiyaamah) over people and the messenger (Rasulullaah SAW) a witness over you (when the nations of previous prophets will deny that their prophets preached the truth to them, the prophets will call for the Ummah of
Rasulullaah as witnesses for them. When the ummah of Rasulullah SAW testify that the prophets were truthful, they will be asked how they know this when they were not present during the times of the others. To this, the Ummah of Rasulullaah SAW will say that Rasulullah had informed them.Rasulullaah will then make it clear that his Ummah are truthful)." -Surah Baqarah : verse 143-

In other verses,Allah SWT mention that : "Allaah SWT is pleased with the first to lead the way,from the Muhaajireen,and the Ansaar, and those who followed them with sincerity and they are pleased with Him. He has prepared for them such Jannaat beneath which rivers flow, in which they shall live forever. This is the ultimate success. (This verse clearly illustrates the great status of the Sahabah R.Anhum and it will therefore be wrong to revile them.)." -Surah Taubah : verse 100-

-Ilustrasi semata-mata-

Hadhrat Ataa bin Yasaar Rah. reports that once when he met Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr bin Al Aas R.A, he asked him, "Tell me about the description of Rasulullaah SAW in the Torah." Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr bin Al Aas RA replied, "Alright. I swear by Allah SWT that the Torah describes him just as the Qur'aan does. (It says) 'Oo Nabi SAW! Verily We have sent you as a witness, a giver of glad tidings, a Warner and a protection for the illiterate nation (the Arabs). You are My servant and My Rasool and I have named you Mutawakkil (One who relies on Allah SWT only). You are neither ill-tempered, hard-hearted nor one who shouts in the marketplace. You do not resist ,evil with evil, but rather forgives and overlooks.' (The Torah continues to say,) Allah SWT shall never take him (Rasulullaah SAW) from the world until people straighten their crooked religion by saying, 'Laa Ilaaha Illalaah' ('There is none worthy of worship but Allah SWT) By him shall Allah SWT open blind eyes, deaf ears and veiled hearts."

Hadhrat Wahab bin Munabbih Rah. narrates that Allah SWT sent the following revelation to Hadhrat Dawood A.S in the Zaboor, "Oo Dawood! There shall soon come after you a Nabi whose name will be Ahmad and Muhammad. He shall be truthful and a leader and I shall never be angry with him. I have forgiven all his errors even before he can commit them. His Ummah shall be showered with My mercy. I shall grant them such Nawaafil (optional) that I have granted only to the Ambiyaa and I shall make compulsory for them such Faraa'idh (fardhu) at I have made compulsory only for the Arnbiyaa and the Rasul. They will eventually come to me on the Day of Qiyaamah shining with the same light that shines from the Ambiyaa." Allah SWT then said to Dawood A.S "Oo Dawood! I have granted superiority to Muhammad SAW and his Ummah over all other nations."

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr R.A once asked Hadhrat Ka'b R.A to describe to Rasulullaah SAW and his Ummah to him. .Hadhrat Ka'b R.A said, "I have found them (described as follows) in Allah SWT's book (the Torah): Verily Ahmad and his Ummah shall praise Allaah SWT abundantly who will praise Allah SWT (by saying 'Al Hamdu Lillaah') during favourable and adverse conditions. They will exalt Allaah SWT (by saying 'Allaahu Akbar') when ascending an incline and glorify Him (by saying 'Subhaa Nallaah') when descending from a raised place. Their call (the Azaan) shall resound in the skies and during their salaah they will communicate (with Allah SWT) with humming (whispering) sounds like the sound of bees against a rock. They will form rows in their (congregational) salaah just as the angels form rows and will form rows in battle as they do in salaah. When they go to battle in the path of Allaah SWT (for Allaah SWT's pleasure), the angels will be before them and behind them with powerful spears. When they present themselves for battle in Allaah SWT's path, Allaah SWT shall shade (shelter) them just as a vulture shades her nest (while saying this, Hadhrat Ka'b R.A demonstrated with his hand how a vulture protects her nest by spreading her wings over it). They shall never flee from the battlefield."

According to another narration, Hadhrat Ka'b R.A said, "(The Ummah of Rasulullaah SAW were described in the Torah as) People who shall praise Allaah SWT abundantly, who will praise Allaah SWT (by saying Al Hamdu Lillaah) during all conditions. They will exalt Allaah SWT (by saying Allaahu Akbar) when ascending an incline. They will keep track of the sun (to ascertain the correct times of salaah). They shall perform their five daily salaah on time even though it be at a dusty place. They will tie their loincloths at their waists and wash their limbs (when performing wudhu)."

Hadhrat Abu Moosa Ash'ari RA has reported that Rasulullaah SAW said, "The likeness of myself and the Deen with which Allaah SWT has sent me is like a person who comes to his people saying, 'Oo my people! I have personally seen a large army (approaching to attack you) and I am warning you without any ulterior motives. So save yourselves (by leaving the town)! Save yourselves!" "So a group of his people obeyed him. They left early that evening, travelled calmly and were saved. Another group of his people regarded the warning as a lie. They therefore remained in the town and the enemy attacked them early the next morning, utterly destroying them. This is the likeness of those people who accept my word and practise the Deen I have brought and those people who disobey me and who reject the Deen I have brought."

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar narrates that Rasulullaah SAW said, "Every condition that afflicted the Bani Isra'eel will certainly afflict my Ummah as well (and the similarity of the conditions will be so close that it will be) just as the two soles of a pair of shoes correspond with each other. (Their conditions will be so close that). Even if a person from the Bani Isra'eel committed open incest with his mother, there will be someone from my Ummah who will do the same. Whereas the Bani Isra'eel split into seventy-two groups, my Ummah will split into seventy three. All these are headed for Jahannam except one." The Sahabah R.Anhum asked, "Which group will this be,oo Rasulullaah SAW?" "The one that follows my ways and the ways of my Sahabah R.Anhum.

Hadhrat Irbaadh bin Saariya R.A narrates that once after leading the salaah, Rasulullaah SAW turned to the Sahabah R.Anhum and delivered a lecture that caused their eyes to flow with tears and their hearts to tremble. Someone-then said, "0o Rasulullaah SAW! This lecture appears to be a parting advice so do tell us about the things that you wish to emphasise." Rasulullaah SAW said, "I advise you to fear Allaah SWT and to listen to and obey (your Ameer) even if he is an Abyssinian slave because THOSE COMING AFTER ME SHALL WITNESS TREMENDOUS DISPUTES. (During these times) You should keep practising my Sunnah and the sunnah of my rightly guided Khulafa (the Khulafa Raashideen). Hold fast to this and bite hard into it. Beware of innovations (in the Deen) because every innovation (in Deen) is a Bid'ah and every bid'ah leads to deviation."

Hadhrat Umar R.A narrates that Rasulullaah SAW said, "When I asked my Rabb about the disputes to arise between my Sahabah R.Anhum after me, He sent revelation to me saying, 'Oo Muhammad! Your Sahabah R.Anhum are like stars in My opinion. While all the stars are radiant, the radiance of some exceed the radiance of others. When their opinions differ concerning a matter, a person following the opinion of any of them will be rightly guided." Rasulullaah added, "My Sahabah R.Anhum are like stars. You will be rightly guided by following any one of them." Hadhrat Hudhayfa R.A narrates that Rasulullaah SAW said, "I do not know for how much longer I shall be with you." Indicating towards Hadhrat Abu Bakr R.A and Hadhrat Umar,Rasulullaah SAW added, "Follow these two after me, adopt the lifestyle of Ammaar R.A and believe whatever Ibn Masood R.A tells you."

Hadhrat Bilaal bin Haarith R.A narrates that Rasulullaah SAW said, "The person who revives a Sunnah of mine that had died after me shall receive the rewards of all those who practise it without any of their rewards being diminished. (On the other hand). The person who introduces any misleading ways with which Allaah SWT and His Rasool are displeased with, he shall bear the sins of all those who practise it without their sins being diminished." Hadhrat Anas R.A reports that Rasulullaah SAW addressed him saying, "Oo my son! If you are able to pass the day and night without any ill-feelings in your heart for anyone, then do so." Rasulullaah SAW then added, "Oo my son! This (practice) is among my Sunnah. Whoever loves my Sunnah loves me and whoever loves me shall be with me in Jannah."

Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah R.A reported that Rasulullaah said, "The person who holds fast to my Sunnah during times when my Ummah is corrupted shall have the reward of a martyr." Hadhrat Anas R.A narrates that Rasulullaah SAW said, "The person who turns away from my Sunnah has no affiliation with me."

Aku rase sampai sini je untuk post ni,sebenarnye panjang lagi,tapi aku takut post ni terlalu panjang buat orang jadi malas nak bace.Simple conclusion dari post ni snanye adalah supaye kite same-same faham dan merasakan kita ni sangat-sangatlah beruntung jadi umat Nabi SAW.Dan sekadar merasa untung je tak cukup,tapi berusahalah mengikut jejak langkah Rasulullah SAW dan sahabat R.Anhum.Sekiranye ayat Quran dan Hadis dah diberi,tapi hati kite tetap tak berkeinginan dan tidak berusaha kearah tersebut,ade lagikah nasihat yang lebih baik dari due perkare tersebut??Sama-sama kite renungkan dan beristighfar atas kecuaian kelalaian kita dalam menitikberatkan urusan agama dalam kehidupan kita.Bahkan amalan agama ini bukan suatu perkara yg boleh kita amalkan dengan apa yang kita rase baik,tetapi beramallah dengan dengan mengikut contoh ikutan yang terbaik (Rasulullah SAW).Sekian.

p/s : sekiranya ada kesilapan dalam ejaan dan sebagainya,sila maklumkan.Harap maklum.Jangan lupe selitkan nameku (Ahmad Hanif) dalam doa korang. JazakAllah ~